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The way of green recycling sustainable development of textile printing enterprises

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The way of green recycling sustainable development of textile printing enterprises

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        Reporters recently in Shaoxing Binhai Industrial Zone learned that a lot of additional equipment to enhance the circulation of new enterprises , the old warrior arm out of old equipment companies to cut energy consumption pollution , these new projects from the outset to take the international positioning of the top cycling equipment Road , to enterprise small cycles , thus out of a economic development and ecological construction to proceed together to enhance the competitiveness of industry competition and environment for sustainable development of the green cycle path .


Recently, UNCED , Shu Mei , Sun Shine , new hair , Haitong ,large number of new production printing companies , have invested millions of dollars membrane wastewater treatment, water treatment industrial water reached after the standard , re-used in the dyeing process ; red, green and blue, Chi Yan , Belle Heng, Bao textile printing and dyeing enterprises have backward and old dyeing lines, invest tens of millions of new digital printing , batik and other production lines, reduce water consumption and effluent discharge by more than half in green circle seeking freshmen ; China , Ying Feng relocation printing and other new projects start anew , beginning left most high-end lines, tanks and other top international purchase airflow equipment, environmental safety, and other requirements in one step, and enable the boiler from coal to gas . Among them, Ying Feng printing area of 60 acres, but the total investment reached 300 million yuan , more than five times before the investment , the company reborn, purchase the most advanced exhaust gas treatment , exhaust heat recovery equipment , equipment investment proportion than before more than three times .


"Before we engage in the CMC to the circular economy , now is the corporate initiative to engage in these years , the first enterprise to engage in the economic cycle , have been developed. Improve circulation , and consumption will drop, emission targets will be standard product quality will improve and develop long-lasting business . " Zhejiang RGB textile chairman Chen Yuming said. In recent years, the company was awarded the national digital printing industry development base , R & D base of green printing the title , and the first to be stereotypes of coal to gas in the city . No wonder a French international famous clothing retail group purchasing department official said that this is the cleanest plant he had ever seen .


In recent years, Binhai Industrial Zone ( saddle town ) highlight and take the recycling of green development , successfully included in the national circular economy pilot zone , Zhejiang Province, the development of circular economy demonstration units and green printing research and production base in China , a loop of the road quietly rolled out . The total printing companies have invested tens of billions of technological transformation , water reuse , stereotypes of emission control and reuse , recycling and other waste heat versatile use all last year, ten thousand meters of fabric sewage decreased energy consumption. Five-year cycle of transformation plans a total investment of 7.12 billion yuan , reduce so2 emissions over 6000 tons , cod emissions over 5600 tons of resources to improve the yield of 63% , the average annual energy consumption per unit of industrial added value down 7 %.


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