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Beware of fake brand

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Beware of fake brand

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Beware of imitations


Dear user :

RAPPLON ( Ruibao Long ) products since 1846 began production , is the world 's oldest industrial belt , once the plant name "LEDER ( Leader ) " known. Since 2001, he joined Ammeraal Beltech ( referred to as AB) industrial belt Group , AB Group is currently the world's first production and sales of industrial belt Group is Europe's leading listed companies. In the drive to promote the Han and Tang , now RAPPLON ( Ruibao Long ) has been equipped with a large number in Oerlikon ( China ), LUWA ( Shanghai ) , Jingwei shares , Trüetzschler ( Shanghai ) , Rieter ( Changzhou ), Bobst ( Shanghai ) , APP Group , Saurer ( Jintan ) , Zhengzhou shares , Pacific Electrical , Shanghai Electric Group , Zhejiang Rifa , Titan shares , Wuxi Hongyuan machinery Factory and so well-known . Has been found that some fraudulent RAPPLON ( Ruibao Long ) brand sales company on the market, we clarify and Switzerland RAPPLON common :

       RAPPLON all drive belts in Zurich, Switzerland, Rapperswil production ( and Graf graf in the same town ) . AB Group's other belt products, such as conveyor belts , seamless belts, timing belts , etc. in the other six production plants around the world . In China, the Han and Tang Dynasties company as the sole agent RAPPLON ( Ruibao Long ) products , just drive through the Han and Tang Dynasties and its six subsidiaries and franchise dealers to serve customers , no other sales channels.

RAPPLON AB Group is a trademark registered in the world (www.findownersearch.com/rapplon/3034220/), while RAPPLON are trademarks of the Han and Tang Chinese companies registered in China , we are against any unauthorized use of the legal proceedings are kept rights .

      In order to protect the interests of customers, welcome to provide clues and evidence of counterfeit products, we would like to thank the purpose ! While Division I accept the calls to provide free advice .




Business is booming !


                                                                                         RAPPLON ( Ruibao Long ) • Han and Tang Drive




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